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how would i describe myself?


one simple word.                                                              



My name is Kassie Smith, and I am an enthusiastic self- starter with 17+ years experience in leading high performing teams, creating and maintaining strong relationships with key clients, and serving as a high-level operational contributor. I possess an in-depth knowledge of business operations including marketing and PR, process improvement, contracts and negotiations, accounting, collections, and strategic planning. I have worked hard at building a reputation of regularly meeting and exceeding organizational goals and being recognized as a top contributor in all aspects of running a successful business. 


In short, helping businesses grow and be successful is my passion. I am always eager to share my talents and resources. I have a passion for collaborating with companies to create innovative solutions and products and create initiatives that strategically enhance revenue and grow the business. 


Specialties: My specialty is building stable relationships. In the last ten years, I have aggressively built and maintained an account portfolio of $3.5M in corporate clients by developing an active growth strategy and cultivating relationships in my community. I have been acknowledged for exceeding sales goals by 230%, ranked #1 representative in the state of Oklahoma, awarded the “Pinnacle” award, and promoted to higher levels because of my proven track record of results.




So now for the good stuff...


I come from a long line of hardworking women. My grandmother, at 86 years old, still cleans every room of her beloved motel each day. Not because she can't afford the help but because she can't afford to stop going.  She has always taught us life is yours for the taking but you have to take it not just sit and wait for it to be handed to you. As you start to grow older, it's amazing the lessons  you really lean on and how they have flourished into some of the greatest moments of your life even if at the time of inception they weren't as endearingly embraced.


The matriarch of our family has instilled in all of her seven granddaughters some of the most valuable qualities we all possess.


  • Love for God. Fear of God - He's the boss and no one needs to tick off the boss - do what's right as much as you possibly can and beg for forgiveness when you need to. Repent. Repent for all of it. He sees it even if no one else does.

  • Work hard not because you have to earn money to live but because you have the ability to - physical, mental, emotional abilities - God gave you gifts and you should use them to make the world better and brighter.

  • Encourage and educate others - you might not be the smartest at everything but you have to be at something so master it and then show others how they can benefit from it. Make sure it's something that benefits life and not hinders it.   i.e. underwater basketweaving isn't going to cut it.

  • Give - give when someone knows it's coming from you and give when no one is looking. Just give. (and this giving goes for all things like - patience, apologies, love, charity, etc.)

  • Love and trust those around you. Really love them. Love them when you want to hate them and really, really love them when they deserve for you to hate 'em. Be honest with your inner circle because there is no way they can pray for you and lift you up if they don't know what is really going on. If you have a circle you can't trust - then find one you can. 

  • Don't hate. It is just stupid and it's a sin.

  • Work hard. Love hard. Laugh hard. 

  • Appreciate those who help you get through your day, your problems, your life. Say thank you - a bunch.

  • Be kind. In fact, of all things - remember to be kind to everyone no matter what they are, what they have or what their future may or may not hold. We all deserve love - now, respect that's a whole other issue but we all deserve love.


So as you can see, I have been raised with a very down home ethic towards life, love and the pursuit of happiness. I have a sense of humor but also know life is not always about play and it takes a serious approach to accomplish goals. I may have a small town spirit but I have a big city gumption that keeps my eye on the prize. I can't promise to be the biggest concierge firm around but I can guarantee I will be the one with the biggest heart and commitment to my clients and their objectives. 


I'm the girl who is always looking for a creative way to make something better. "Always room for improvement" is my motto but I do believe relishing in the moment and being content with the meaningful things in life is food for the soul. Speaking of food... I'm a FOODIE. Enough said. I love Taco Bueno - which my trainer hates me to admit but I believe in being true to one's self and also to Bueno.  Great food is a must for me, and it doesn’t matter if it comes from a food truck or a 5 star establishment!


I run a small zoo called "home" and love every minute of it! It's a constant mix of sweeping, feeding, playing and laughing all day long. Animals are a huge passion for me, and I am a total believer in animal wellness and education. Besides playing with my pesky pals, I enjoy researching the latest fashion trends and styles - it's like an addiction trying to find the absolute best deal on an item!   I love vintage treasures so you can always find me milling around little stores no matter where I travel. I’m a walker, so it is no surprise to see me traversing the streets of Nichols Hills visiting some of my favorite local shops.


I love OKC – I grew up in NW OK – big Wootown so it will always have a special place in my heart, but I can honestly say Oklahoma City is my home. I’m so proud of our community, our growth, and our future. Supporting local businesses is another fervent feat I try to accomplish daily. I am the founder of All About Eve, an event focusing on the efforts of female small business owners.






From all the different aptitude tests I’ve taken over the years, I’ve noticed a few traits that seem to stick with me.


I’m an activator; always ready to start the project.


I’m a developer; I love automating and creating systems to enable better performance.


I have to have consistency and discipline.

Growing up in karate class was a great lesson for me and I try my best to take the respectful approach towards most situations.


Empathetic (to a fault, sometimes).



But to sum it all up and why I think my skill set would help you in your daily life, I’m going to defer to a PI Test I took and let you see the official results for yourself*


  • Proactively connects quickly to others; she's open and sharing of herself. Builds and leverages relationships to get work done.

  • Comfortably fluent and fast talk, in volume. She enthusiastically persuades and motivates others by considering their point of view and adjusting her delivery

  • Collaborative; usually works with and through others. Intuitive understanding of team cohesion, dynamics, and interpersonal relations

  • Works at a faster-than-average pace, producing results in general accordance with schedules and 'the book.'

  • Detail-oriented; she typically makes and follows a plan to keep track of things and usually follows up to ensure completion.

  • Focused on operational efficiencies: thinks about what needs to be done and how it can be done quickly without losing quality. Impatient with routines.


Kassie is an outgoing, friendly communicator, comfortable with people, tactful, and capable of projecting enthusiasm and warmth, and of motivating other people, particularly in a team environment.


She is an intense person with a strong sense of urgency and a drive to get work done quickly, in complete detail, and in accordance with company standards and policies, for which she has a high level of respect and commitment. A very conscientious person, she is motivated by a strong sense of duty and a feeling of responsibility for getting her work done quickly and correctly.


A cooperative and enthusiastic person, Kassie uses her social and communicating skills to gain the interest and involvement of others in getting work done. Her own interest in and liking for people makes it easy for them to like working with her cooperatively, aided by her likely effectiveness as a teacher or trainer.


While her work pace is faster-than-average, and she is impatient for results, Kassie is also a very self-disciplined person who will give close personal attention to the details of any work for which she is responsible to assure their correctness and completeness. If her work requires that she delegate to others, she will follow up closely and thoroughly.


Kassie is generally a cautious and conservative person who works within the guidelines of established company policy and will seek guidance and support from management in dealing with new or unfamiliar problems or situations.                     


                                                                            *All the good stuff is totally spot on in regards to the bad, who knows if you can really trust these tests anyway, right?! 


I hope to visit with you soon so you can form your own opinions of me and my vision.

Looking forward to the opportunity to serve you - Let's give you a new lease on life!




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